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Sisters Organizing to Survive Conference- HIV/AIDS

I participated in the SOS conference via Zoom on today.  The featured speaker was advocate- Rae Lewis-Thornton.  I have followed Ms. Thornton's blog- "Diva Living with AIDS" for many years.   I must credit her with my interest in HIV/AIDS awareness.   I remember her features on the Oprah Winfrey show and in Essence magazine.  HIV and AIDS became real for me through her work! It was through her work that I became aware of the impact of HIV while in high school.  She is a women of courage and I was super excited to hear her speak virtually on her experience with living with HIV/AIDS.  Takeaways from today's conference: Go get tested for HIV!  This is the only way to know your HIV status. You cannot look at a person and assess if they have HIV/AIDS.   HIV/AIDS is preventable. Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PREP) and condoms can prevent the spread of HIV. The CDC reported 37,968 new infections in 2018 (2020, Center for Disease Control) It takes one sexual encounter to infect y

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